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We offer a chartered bus transfer service from Kanazawa City, and we strive to make it possible for customers to spend time in their comfortable space to their destination. We regularly check the status of the buses we use and, when ordering, pick out the right vehicle and pick you up.
In order to accommodate the increasing number of foreign tourists in recent years, some drivers are fluent in English, so there is no problem with inbound tourists. Customers also thank us for their high quality services and services, so please take advantage of them.

We cope with jumbo hire and reserved microbus

High-performance vehicles are available so that you can safely and safely reach your destination. There are three Nissan caravans, and there is ample space inside, despite the capacity of 14 passengers. Furthermore, the seat is comfortable because it is a high-grade car. In addition, it is a part-time 4WD, so you can ride on snowy roads with confidence. Next, the Nissan Civilian transport type is a simple car, but it can be used by 25 people, so it is used for various purposes such as club activities expedition and training camp.
You can use the car at the same cost regardless of the caravan or civilian, so there is little burden on the customer, and you can easily select the car type according to the number of people and the purpose. Every day maintenance is essential, and there have been many satisfactions in the comfortable interior of the car. We will respond to your satisfaction with a spacious interior without stress and high quality response, so please tell us when you order.

Carry baggage effortlessly with free cargo trailers

A special cargo trailer is available for Nissan caravan customers. This is a waterproof trailer that can hold up to 300 suitcases and a maximum of 13 suitcases, and can be used free of charge. All large luggage is stored in the cargo trailer, so you can spend time in a spacious car. In addition, there is a possibility that we may refuse heavy items exceeding 20 kg per piece. In addition, we recommend that you check in advance because it may be difficult depending on the availability, weather, and road conditions.
Since this free cargo trailer is the first attempt in Japan, it is a facility where you can get coverage from various media. Customers have been receiving high praise because they can store luggage that had been a bottleneck when using the bus. Please use it when you use a caravan.

A company that has a reputation for meeting inbound demands

In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased, but foreigners who have come all the way to Japan are more troubled. Foreign tourists often bring large suitcases due to their long stay period, not to mention the language. Suitcases take up space, so when we came to sightseeing with more than one person, we often saw people who were in trouble because scheduled taxis and trains could not be used. In order to create an environment where tourists who come to Japan can talk about travel in a comfortable car without worry, we dispatch drivers who are good at English.
At the request of the inbound, the driver who can speak English almost natively will deal with it while communicating, so you can leave it with confidence. Already used by many foreign tourists, it has boasted a high repeat rate. If you have any problems, please contact us first.

Please leave not only short term and short distance but also long term and long distance

At present, one car is a 25-seater Nissan Civilian Microbus and three 13-seater Nissan Caravan 4WD, which are driven by many passengers every day. Although it is still a small company, we have started the first private charter service using a free cargo trailer in Japan with the desire to provide as comfortable a space as possible. We have a track record of transporting bicycles, golf bags, and carry bags for road racing in cargo trailers with high storage capacity.
In addition, we provide pick-up and drop-off of various teams and clubs, use of media, TV and event-related location buses, and inbound correspondence by English drivers, so we fully support from nearby to long distance travel. We also welcome short-term and long-term use, so please consult us when ordering.


We will provide a bus that meets your needs

We will respond to each individual's requests

Opened in the first year of Reiwa with the desire to continue to provide services that satisfy customers. Although it is a small staff, it can not be said that it is still a company that can provide substantial guidance compared to the major companies, but we are working to respond to any request with a small turn and flexible response that can be done because it is small. .
In order to fulfill the wishes of each and every customer, we will provide you with information on various plans and service proposals together with our reliable staff. We also offer unique services such as adopting the only cargo trailer bus in Japan, so please leave it to us.


Leave it to Jumbo Hire / Chartered Microbus


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Amber Bus Co., Ltd.

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Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which started the chartered bus business in Kanazawa in the first year of Reiwa, has been offering various services from the viewpoint of customers. We work hard to ensure that you can enjoy your time to your destination in a comfortable vehicle while conducting thorough safety management. We will continue to provide high-quality services in the future, so please call or use the special form when ordering.

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