Professional staff will meet each and every request

Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which provides chartered buses in Kanazawa, is pursuing services that customers can feel safe. We have been receiving inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that we can respond to our customers' voices at any time.
We also offer a detailed service that can flexibly respond to any request from a nearby area to a long distance, and has been well received by many people. We offer unique services that can only be achieved by a small company.

It has a reputation for being able to respond to a fulfilling 24/7/365 system

Exclusive drivers drive under thorough management so that customers can reach their destinations in ample space. At the time of contact, we propose an appropriate bus type and plan depending on the purpose of use, place, number of people, etc., so you can use the bus at your time without unnecessary burden. All inquiries are received at any time via telephone or a special form, and we are guiding customers 24 hours a day. Of course, even if there is no melting in the number of days in a sudden trip, it is flexible and we accept one way only.
Your travel schedule may change shortly before, but we are always happy to contact you so you can contact us in case of trouble. Many passengers who have been on board so far have said that they can leave it with peace of mind, so please do not hesitate to tell us when you need it when you need it.

It is possible to visit even if it is near or far away

More people use buses when planning trips. The bus is a great way to enjoy conversations with many friends and have fun, especially when traveling in groups. Even if you have large luggage, you can place it in the free cargo trailer so you can fully enjoy your trip. In addition to travel, traveling may be necessary for various purposes, such as expeditions with circle teams and training camps. If you can consult in such a case, we will respond flexibly to long-distance and long-term continuous use if requested, as well as those centering on the city.
Many thanks have been sent to the staff for their efforts to fulfill the needs of each and every customer. In addition, we will respond to the needs of not only Japanese but also overseas customers. Please do not hesitate to be a long distance or a long time.

We help you move comfortably with discerning space

There are things that we value as a company that guides chartered buses. It is about preparing the cabin environment so that customers can spend a comfortable time. In some cases, sitting in a car or train seat for a long time feels painful, and depending on the size, it makes you feel cramped. In addition, even in a car inside a large car, many people suffer from breathlessness due to increased luggage. In order to make it easier for those people, we have not only prepared a free cargo trailer, but also focused on selecting a vehicle.
The small caravan and the medium-sized bus Civilian have simple interiors, so they can be used for any occasion. The safety provided by Nissan's advanced technology also provides comfortable transportation. Many people have expressed appreciation for having fun with their family and friends in the spacious car, so please use it when ordering.

A company that has a reputation for meeting inbound demands

In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased, but foreigners who have come all the way to Japan are more troubled. Foreign tourists often bring large suitcases due to their long stay period, not to mention the language. Suitcases take up space, so when we came to sightseeing with more than one person, we often saw people who were in trouble because the planned taxi and train were not available. In order to create an environment where tourists who come to Japan can talk about travel in a comfortable car without worry, we dispatch drivers who are good at English.
At the request of the inbound, the driver who can speak English almost natively will deal with it while communicating, so you can leave it with confidence. Already used by many foreign tourists, it has boasted a high repeat rate. If you have any problems, please contact us first.


We will provide a bus that meets your needs

We will respond to each individual's requests

Opened in the first year of Reiwa with the desire to continue to provide services that satisfy customers. Although it is a small staff, it can not be said that it is still a company that can provide substantial guidance compared to the major companies, but we are working to respond to any request with a small turn and flexible response that can be done because it is small. .
In order to fulfill the wishes of each and every customer, we will provide you with information on various plans and service proposals together with our reliable staff. We also offer unique services such as adopting the only cargo trailer bus in Japan, so please leave it to us.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.