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International airport transfers, sports teams, club activities, group transfers are also available

There is a chartered microbus, jumbo hire and free cargo trailer, so you can use it according to the number of people and luggage.

The only free cargo trailer service in the bus industry

Safe, comfortable and speedy with a small vehicle!
Carry your baggage on a free cargo trailer.

※Please be careful
◆ Only the baggage of the passenger on board can be used free of charge. ◆ You cannot use the baggage only. ◆ Up to a total weight of 300㎏. ◆ We may refuse "heavy items other than baggage" exceeding 20kg per piece. ◆ Reservations are required for use. Applications for trailer use may be refused depending on availability, weather conditions at the destination, or road conditions. Please note.

Cashless payment support!

5% reward points for customers paying with the following credit card and QR payment
Consumer return period: October 2019 to June 2020

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Initiatives for safety

Transportation safety management

Amber Bus Co., Ltd. has set goals and is working together to deliver safe and secure services to our customers.

Amber bus vehicle introduction

3 Nissan caravan minibuses (capacity: 14 people)
2 free cargo trailers (maximum loading capacity 300 ㎏)
One Nissan Civilian microbus (capacity: 26 people)

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  • Bus sightseeing magazine [chartered bus master]


    It was posted on the blog "Bus sightseeing magazine" operated by a chartered bus master. The editorial department, which deals with hundreds of companies and chartered bus companies, is still professional. It is a blog that will be very helpful in choosing a rival company of Amberbus or a chartered bus company in other prefectures and other regions. Please take a look.

  • Amber bus was introduced in Weekly Travel Journal 10/21 '19


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English-speaking driver can also respond to inbound requests

We have provided a chartered bus service in Kanazawa, providing services tailored to each customer's needs, such as tours, skiing, and club transfers. Professionals who have been active in various fields as drivers until now can speak English, so there is no problem even if they are inbound.
We will make an appropriate estimate and work on the day so that you can leave it without worry. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via phone or exclusive form, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide buses that can be used in any scene

When using a chartered bus, many customers use it for sightseeing trips. Of course, travel and tours are welcome, but chartered buses are more flexible. It is often used for pick-up and drop-off at circle clubs, pilgrimage to popular anime, and weddings. You can be picked up at a specified date and time, and even if you have a large amount of luggage, you can carry it securely, so you can save money than using individual public institutions.
When traveling in a private car, the burden on the driver is increased, and fatigue can accumulate and cause an accident. To prevent this from happening, a professional driver with a wealth of driving experience will drive the Jumbo Hire or Microbus, so please leave it safe even if you are going to travel far away.

Free cargo trailer that can store large luggage securely

Luggage is a nuisance when traveling. For travel, there are carry cases. For sports camps and transfers, there are bags with special tools. If you leave it in the car, it will feel very narrow and in some cases uncomfortable, you may spend hours. In some cases, you may need to take appropriate measures, as you may exceed your allowance and get on another car. Based on the experience of seeing such cases, we started the free cargo trailer service, a towed trailer.
We will respond flexibly taking into account the weight of non-baggage that exceeds 20 kg per piece, the availability, weather and road conditions. Of course, we will keep your luggage free of charge while traveling, so please do not hesitate to tell us when you order.

Provision of a system that can be used by foreign tourists increasing in recent years

At present, various foreign tourists are inbound in Japan every year. Due to being overseas, all of your luggage is larger than those traveling domestically. Because of that, it is very difficult to move, and I have seen many people who struggle many times. With such experience, we are offering bus services using cargo trailers. In addition, we are trying to respond carefully to foreign tourists who are inbound so that the possibility of trouble can be reduced as much as possible.
Drivers with English skills close to the native pronunciation will guide you so that you can stay on the move without stress, so you can clearly communicate your requests. Please contact us as we will provide services that can meet demand in terms of cost and convenience so that time during your stay will remain as a good memory.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.