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As a company that specializes in providing services by chartered buses in Kanazawa, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have been working to respond to requests. Staff who provide high quality service are professional drivers who have been driving at various sites so far, so they can leave it without worry.
We provide regular updates so that we can keep you updated on the company and operations from the site. If you are considering using the bus, please check the latest information and consult without any questions.
  • Participated in the 15th NASVA Road Safety Mana...
    I participated in the "15th NASVA Road Safety Management Seminar" held at the Tokyo International Forum. I was overwhelmed by the size of the building and the large number of pe...
  • Inbound information. To Takayama-Shirakawago-Ka...
    Guide foreign visitors to Takayama city-Shirakawa-go-Kanazawa gold leaf experience. Please feel free to contact us even for small groups.
  • Customers from Turkey. Takayama-Shirakawa-go-Ka...
    From Takayama to Shirakawa-go with a small sightseeing tour. Cheerful customers from Turkey ☆ *
  • Shirakawago-Takayama-Kanazawa
    Information from overseas customers. It is a caravan minibus because it is small.
  • Kanazawa-Hakusan city company tour Amber bus guide
    A customer from Nagano Prefecture was used for a company tour of Hakusan City and Kanazawa City.
  • Half-day chartered sightseeing by amber bus in ...
    The weather in Kanazawa is still rough ... Information for small number of overseas customers.
  • General training for operation managers was hel...
    Some Amberbus veteran drivers are also operating managers. Today, I participated in a general class. As it was a passenger course, the managers of the chartered bus, taxi and ro...
  • From Kanazawa City to Senrihama Nagisa Driveway.
    Guides customers in Kanazawa via the Senrihama Nagisa Driveway to Hakui.
  • Amber bus to Komatsu city sightseeing
    Customers from Chubu region. Since it was a small number, we will guide you with a caravan.
  • From Kaga to Kanazawa. Wedding shuttle bus.
    Round-trip transportation from Kaga to Kanazawa in a caravan. Wedding attendees. Amber bus also offers wedding bus transfers.
  • Transfer to pharmaceutical companies in Kanazaw...
    Kanazawa City Pharmaceutical Company used Amber Bus for charter for 3 hours. Please take advantage of the minibus Jumbo Hire, which is cheaper than a jumbo taxi even in a short...
  • From Kanazawa city to Hakui city. Information o...
    The weather was bad and the Senrihama Nagisa driveway was only viewed from the Satoyama Kaido. Sorry! Nevertheless, we will guide you to “Cosmo Isle Hakui”, where Amber Bass Pr...
  • Please also use Kanazawa city sightseeing, day ...
    Visitors of the women's association in Kanazawa city (requests via travel agents) will be provided with a tour of the city.
  • Amber bus was introduced on the charter blog of...
    Amber bus was introduced on the blog of "Private Bus Master" who is also linked on this website! The “young president” at the beginning was a little overwhelmed. ☆ 彡Chartered b...
  • Sightseeing in Toyama prefecture from Nomi city...
    It was used at the children's association of Nomi City Neighborhood Association in Ishikawa Prefecture. It was a full day charter sightseeing (^ ^
  • Sightseeing in Kanazawa city from Komatsu Airpo...
    Guides you to your good friends from Tokyo. Pick up from Komatsu Airport, tour around Noto Peninsula from Kanazawa city sightseeing. The inn is Wakura Onsen "Rainbow and Sea".
  • Amber bus from Katsuyama City to Komatsu Airport
    Today we have Chinese passengers on board. ( This time we are also working on a sanitary system! ) Did staying at Katsuyama New Hotel in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture enjoy ...
  • Sample text
    Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text Sample text
  • Amber bus from Komatsu Airport to Yamashiro Onsen
    Amber bus from Komatsu Airport to Yamashiro Onsen.
  • Free equipment for comfortable use of Amber Bath
    Amber Bus offers one assisted wheelchair and one self-propelled assisted wheelchair. In addition, we will prepare a blanket according to the weather and temperature. In any cas...
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Bus charter services are available in the city center. It has a wide range of uses, and you can use the bus for any purpose, such as traveling with friends or a bus tour of the neighborhood association. In addition, a free cargo trailer is also available, so it can be used for large suitcases such as Centrair flights and Seki Airport, and many people use it for club expeditions and training camps. It can be used as a chartered sightseeing bus, as well as a small number of people, and is also useful as a location bus for TV recording. The drivers who drive are veterans who have undergone rigorous in-house training and have provided safe and comfortable cabin interiors.
We have created a new arrival information page so that customers can grasp the bus schedule to be used in the future and ride without worry. You can easily check the updated information, so if you have any request, please feel free to look at it.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.