Please leave the transfer to a professional driver!

It can be used for various sports competitions, brass band competitions, music activities, and team movements. Please consult us for large luggage such as golf bags, road bikes and musical instruments. We also have a microbus with a capacity of 26 people. Long-distance driving that burdens directors, coaches, teachers and parents. Even after arriving at the destination, one job ... Driving home and cleaning up ... In recent years, accidents caused by white-numbered microbuses have occurred frequently. Entrust your group transfer to a professional Amber Bus driver.

We propose according to customer's request as well as plan

As a company that provides chartered bus services in Kanazawa, there are things that are important when dealing with customers. Buses are not just a means of transportation, but are also very important for business, hobbies and play.
We have a wide range of plans so that customers can use the buses that meet their needs, and if necessary, we can respond even outside of the plan. We will introduce the various services on the site in more detail, so please do not hesitate to tell us when you order.

Detailed information on the bus service being provided

If you use a chartered bus, its usage is very many. Traveling with friends and colleagues in a private space allows you to have a good time without worrying about other passengers. Also, clubs and circle activities and training camps require a large amount of luggage to be transported, so the space provided by the bus and free cargo trailer will increase the space and allow you to relax and reach your destination. In addition, simple meetings can be held during training and inspections at the company, so that time is not wasted before arrival.
The interior of the car is a safe and spacious space created by Nissan technology. In addition, we have established a service system every day so that it can be used in all situations. Don't just use it as a means of transportation, we will try to provide you with meaningful time, so please experience it.

Please leave not only short and short distance but also long and long distance

Currently, it has one Nissan Civilian Microbus for 25 passengers and three 13-seater Nissan Caravan 4WD vehicles, which are driven by many passengers every day. Although it is still a small company, there is also a desire to provide as comfortable a space as possible, and we have launched the first private car-trailer service in Japan. We have a track record of transporting bicycles, golf bags, and carry bags for road racing in cargo trailers with high storage capacity.
In addition, we also provide transportation for various teams and clubs, use of location buses for media, TV and events, and inbound correspondence by English drivers, so we can fully support from neighborhood to long distance travel. We also welcome short-term and long-term use, so please consult us when ordering.

Voices received from customers who have experienced various services since their inception

We offer a charter bus service in the area centered in the city, and many people use it every day. We offer a variety of buses from Jumbo Hire to Microbus. We have proposed buses that meet the needs of our customers, and have been working to make it easier to spend in a comfortable car while keeping costs down. We also have a free cargo trailer so that you can use it even if you have large luggage.
You can use the inside of the car spaciously because you can put the luggage that becomes the neck when you get on the trailer in the trailer. In addition, there are drivers who are fluent in English, so it is possible to communicate with foreign tourists while communicating. In addition, various voices have been received from customers who have used the service so far. Please refer to it as it is introduced on the site.

Respond to inquiries about services and equipment used

Currently, buses are used for various purposes. What you want from a bus is how to drive safely to your destination. We have established transport safety management to ensure safe driving for everyone, and the company is working together to improve safety. With the accumulation of these efforts, we also received business safety evaluation certification. The various buses to be shown are maintained daily, while maintaining normal operation. In addition, we have prepared a system that will continue to respond to the needs of our customers while providing free cargo trailers.
In the meantime, customers have been asking a variety of questions, including the services they provide and the content they provide. We have posted some of the most frequently asked questions so that our customers will not be dishonest, so please use them if you have any problems.

A wide range of daily content, with a focus on business content

Although it is still young as a company, it has been used by various people due to its unique services. Inquiries about various services can be made by telephone or via the dedicated form, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are in a hurry, we can respond quickly if you can contact us by phone, we can also give you a quote and arrange work. We have a plan with a rough route, but we can create a new plan based on customer's request, so you do not have to worry about feeling anxious.
We have also launched a blog to give more information to our customers. The blog focuses on content related to work, so it can be useful when choosing a company. Of course, they are updated regularly, so please check them out.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.