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For those who are planning to use a chartered bus around Kanazawa, we will introduce Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which has a reputation for detailed support and flexible ideas. We check the customer's request and purpose in detail, make an estimate, and guide you on the best bus.
In addition, when using a small bus, we have prepared a free cargo trailer, and we have been working on achieving a comfortable interior. We will continue to provide services from the customer's perspective, so please contact us first.
Features of Amberbus Inc.

Amber bus, a chartered bus company in Kanazawa, handles this

There are many uses for buses. By preparing a free cargo trailer, you can solve the problem of luggage that was a disadvantage for small buses, and you can store large suitcases you see on Centrair flights and Kansai flights without worrying about space. It can also be used for pick-up and drop-off of sports teams that require games or expeditions, charter sightseeing from a small number of people, and location bus for media, TV and events. We also accept inbound tourists for overseas tourists, and there are drivers fluent in English, so there is no need to worry about overseas visitors.
We have established a system that can support not only short-distance and short-term requests, but also long-distance and long-term travel. We can respond flexibly if there is a request other than the plan to be guided, so we can tell any request. Please experience the discerning service that only a small company can do.

Introducing high-quality services to satisfy customers

It will be difficult to satisfy customers simply by preparing and guiding high-quality travel plans. We strive every day to provide our customers with a comfortable time and to provide services that they want to use again. For this reason, we have introduced a service called the free cargo trailer for the first time in Japan, and we have also established a system that can respond to inbound traffic. Not only that, we are also particular about the design of the buses we prepare and the size of the car, and veteran drivers will drive you to leave it to customers with peace of mind.
He paid careful attention to the driver's physical condition check, and received accreditation from the company for safety evaluation. In addition, we accept inquiries 24 hours a day and strive to respond promptly even in an emergency. We will respond to a wide range of requests, such as day trips, one-way tours, and tours, so please do not hesitate to tell us anything.

A wide range of daily content, with a focus on business content

Although it is still young as a company, it has been used by various people due to its unique services. Inquiries to various services can be made by telephone or via the dedicated form, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are in a hurry, you can contact us by phone to get a quick response, and we can provide you with a quote or arrange work. We have a plan with a rough route, but we can create a new plan based on customer's request, so you do not have to worry about feeling anxious.
We have also launched a blog to give more information to our customers. The blog focuses on content related to work, so it can be useful when choosing a company. Of course, it is updated regularly, so please check it out.

Please leave not only short-term and short-distance but also long-term and long-distance

The Amber Bus has one Hino Liesse that can accommodate 28 passengers, three Nissan Caravan 4WD that can accommodate 13 passengers, and two special FRP cargo trailers. We have a track record of carrying bicycles and golf bags for road racing, large suitcases and musical instruments for overseas travel, and snowboard bags to cargo trailers with high storage capacity. We also provide group transportation for various teams and clubs, use of location buses for the media, TV, and events, and inbound support by veteran drivers, providing full support from nearby areas to long-distance trips. We also welcome short-term and long-term use, so please contact us when ordering.

Disclosure of information on traffic safety management

■ Amber Bus Reiwa 4th Safety Policy

Ensuring transportation safety is Amber Bus's greatest mission, and that is its greatest service. All employees will be deeply aware of this, and let's work together to continue promoting safety.

■ Specific goals and plans to promote safety policies

(1) Continue to have zero accidents, from serious accidents to minor accidents.

(2) In order to maintain a high awareness of ensuring transportation safety, all crew members should aim to acquire operation manager qualifications.

③ Thorough door service from children to the elderly. Injuries while getting on and off are also accidents in the car and can be absolutely prevented by the crew's advance response. We will give consideration to your feet and the area around the door as well as the voice of your forgotten items.

④ See, see, good driving. It is a catchphrase used in the constant lighting campaign for two-wheeled vehicles in the 90's, but Amber Bus has a high awareness of being a professional who uses the road, and is seen by others (cars) as "good manners". Driving ・ Perform "feeling good to see" driving.

■ Transport safety goals and achievements

Target number of serious accidents 0

Reiwa 1st year results 0 serious accidents ( 0 liability accidents)

Reiwa 2nd year results 0 serious accidents ( 0 liability accidents)

Reiwa 3rd year results 0 serious accidents ( 0 liability accidents)

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.