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In the last 31 years of Heisei, we established a bus company in Gosoda-cho, Kanazawa City. He continued to say, "I can't do this ..." "No, I'll do it! ] And opened a business in August of the first year of Reiwa, causing trouble to many people. Starting from the minimum and minimum number of people is not brilliant at all, but we strive every day with a smile that does not suit us with a desire to send the service to everyone. My dream was to start a chartered bus company with amusing and dependable friends. My next dream is to have Japan's only cargo trailer bus company mimic a major bus company. It existed in the old National Railways (Ministry of Railways) in the 1930s. If you imitate it, your head will shine? Thank you for your continued support ☆
November, 1980

Respond to customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Amber Bus Co., Ltd. is providing services by chartered buses from various initiatives in Kanazawa City. Buses are a convenient vehicle for traveling from small to large groups, and can be reached more smoothly than trains. You can go to your destination with a private car, but the burden on the driver is great. Also, there is a possibility that everyone will not be able to get on if you have bulky luggage in a taxi, and for this reason buses are useful as a recommended vehicle to go out with large luggage by multiple people. You. We have 4 kitchens and we will drive to the destination using the bus that meets the needs of our customers. In addition, two free cargo trailers are available, so you can use it without worrying about the size and number of luggage.
All inquiries are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we will provide you with a quick and appropriate quote, and then confirm your payment method and detailed plan contents to provide comfortable travel. Please feel free to contact us for any requests.

Born in August in the first year of Reiwa. If you have a chartered bus, jumbo hire or microbus, leave it to us


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Amber Bus Co., Ltd.

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21-3, Ogoda-cho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

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Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which started the chartered bus business in Kanazawa in the first year of Reiwa, has been offering various services from the viewpoint of customers. We work hard to ensure that you can enjoy your time to your destination in a comfortable vehicle while conducting thorough safety management. We will continue to provide high-quality services in the future, so please call or use the special form when ordering.

We provide the plan you want with a thorough service system

Serving customers with maximum hospitality

There are various scenes that require a bus. Although the plan contents are determined in advance, we will propose that customers' requests can be fulfilled by flexible responses not limited to the plan alone. Whenever it becomes necessary to use the bus, we receive inquiries from the telephone or a special form at any time, and we have worked to make it possible as much as possible if you can consult us whatever the content is. When consulting, we will ask you in detail about the contents of the inquiry and provide you with the best estimate based on the information from the customer and the results of the interview. If you are satisfied with the contents of the estimate, you will make a reservation or an application. After paying the fee, a detailed meeting, and then the day will be the flow of use.
We will respond to any changes at any time and strive to never burden our customers. While providing a free cargo trailer service, the professional driver will respond to each customer, so you can leave it without worry. Not only is safety high, but you can also enjoy it without hesitation between customers.

Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which operates a chartered bus business in Kanazawa City, provides a service that allows you to move large luggage with a cargo trailer, the industry's first attempt. This is to carry a large suitcase or bicycle that you have in a trailer, and we prepared it with the idea of providing a comfortable space in the guest room. In the past, it was necessary to secure a certain amount of space to carry luggage, sacrificing room space, and there was also a problem that everyone could not get on even if the capacity was not reached, but by using this trailer, it is possible to follow the capacity You can get on. In addition, we have been offering very advantageous chartered bus plans to the area around Kanazawa City, and we have been guiding according to each request such as Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, day plan. If you need it, you can flexibly deal with the contents outside of the plan, so it is popular with many people. The crew that responds to customers is veteran drivers who have undergone thorough training and education, and the buses used are thoroughly maintained and inspected, so you can ride with confidence. Experienced veteran drivers will also respond to inbound traffic. We have a system that can fully support long-term and long-distance travel. Please order by all means.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.