Chairman Omi said good things! "Limiting the number of people is the keyword rather than controlling the flow of people"

2022/01/20 blog

It seems that the peak of snow is today in the morning, and the engine sound of the snowplow is echoing around the amber bus. Chartered buses are at the peak of cancellation as Omicron stocks are rampant. Chairman Shigeru Omi of the Government Countermeasures Subcommittee said yesterday that "restriction of the number of people is the key word rather than restraining the flow of people (dining)." A cute bus that can only accommodate 13 people is waiting on the amber bus, which is a small specialized chartered bus. By the way, it's a four-wheel drive, so it's messy even on snowy roads. Please move in a modest manner while limiting it without restraining everyone. Please consider using the amber bus.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

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