"See, see, good driving"

2021/06/09 blog

Priority measures such as prevention of spread in Ishikawa Prefecture will be lifted soon! But don't relax. Amber Bus, a chartered bus in Kanazawa, is also taking measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. (Since I haven't even updated my blog, I deeply regret not reflecting the preventive measures on the homepage ...) Even if the commuting is lifted, my diet, which I was secretly doing, is unlikely to be lifted. So I continue to work on my bicycle commute. I don't row at full speed because I often run on the sidewalk where bicycles can run, but road bikes tend to speed up due to their characteristics. I would like everyone who commute to work or school by bicycle to feel that they are running on the sidewalk as safely as possible. Suddenly, I remembered the catchphrase "see, see, drive well." I've always wondered what someone said about driving a car, but when I looked it up, it seemed different. It is said that it is a catch phrase sent by a motorcycle manufacturer in the 90's to encourage riders to keep it on all the time. It is important to promote your existence in order to prevent accidents involving you. I thought, "Let's drive so that everyone who sees it feels good and refreshing!" Still, it's not bad (^ _-)-☆ There are still many people listening to music while playing with their smartphones on their bicycles. It doesn't feel good to watch.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

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