Reiwa 2nd year 2nd operation manager test! Will you pass this time?

2021/03/08 blog

I was surprised that the blog update has been delayed since the last exam (-_-;) I wonder how much I skip writing blogs ... Please take it as a result of your busy schedule. By the way, yesterday there was the 2nd operation manager examination in Reiwa 2nd year. How many successful applicants will come from Amber Bus? Looking at the pass rate of passengers, it seems that it is decreasing year by year, so is it getting harder? I also tried it, but I feel that it is getting harder (waterfall) sweat. As a chartered bus operation manager, I thought I had to tighten my mind. It seems that the spread of the new coronavirus has finally settled down in Kanazawa, but let's be careful and try to prevent it! Since the amber bus specializes in small buses, the inside of the car is not as spacious as a large bus. Therefore, we do not have partitions or special sprayers, but we thoroughly disinfect alcohol before boarding, always equip masks (distributed to customers who have forgotten or damaged), and ventilate the inside of the car diligently. We are here. The crew also take thorough infection prevention measures, so please feel free to use it.

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