About infectious disease measures

Amber Bus Co., Ltd. has applied a titanium oxide photocatalyst coat to all vehicles as part of measures against infectious diseases. We have installed an alcohol disinfectant in-house so that our customers can get on the bus with peace of mind. In addition to this, we take measures against infectious diseases by measuring the temperature when riding, disinfecting alcohol, and ventilating the inside of the car regularly during operation. We would also like to ask our customers to refrain from talking loudly and to wear a mask and not remove it except when necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, we received a construction certificate as a proof of the construction of the photocatalyst nanozone coat. The photocatalyst coating is said to be a purifying agent that decomposes and removes odors and bacteria in the air when exposed to light. As an expected effect

・ Antiviral

・ Anti-mold



Has the effect of.

In addition to this, we will strive to prevent infectious diseases so that our customers can ride with peace of mind.


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With the desire to continue to provide services and experiences that satisfy our customers, we started our business in August of Reiwa. With a small staff and equipment, it can not be said that it is still a company that can provide guidance with a full lineup compared to major companies, but it is possible to respond to any request with a small turn and flexible response that can be done because it is small. I will work on it. In order to fulfill the wishes of each and every customer, we will provide various plans and service proposals together with our reliable staff. Adopts Japan's only free cargo trailer service and offers unique services. Please use it by all means.

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Amber Bus Co., Ltd.

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21-3, Ogoda-cho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

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Amber Bus Co., Ltd., which started the chartered bus business in Kanazawa in the first year of Reiwa, has been offering various services from the viewpoint of customers. We work hard to ensure that you can enjoy your time to your destination in a comfortable vehicle while conducting thorough safety management. We will continue to provide high-quality services in the future, so please call or use the special form when ordering.

Q & A

I will introduce various questions that have been received

Can't I just rent a bus?
can not. As it is a business vehicle, please apply for use with an amber bus elected driver.
Can I go anywhere in the country?
If [Ishikawa Prefecture] is included in the travel itinerary (sightseeing, accommodation, meals, etc.), it can be used anywhere in Japan. However, the amber bus cannot be used on the journey just passing through [Ishikawa Prefecture].
Is it free when I apply for a cargo trailer?
It is free to use because it is a trunk to store your baggage. Please leave with confidence because it is waterproof and keyed.
What is the breakdown of the fares and charges for chartered buses?
The fares and charges are determined within the range specified by the Hokuriku Shin-etsu Transport Bureau. Calculated based on the distance from departure to return and the restraint time of the driver. The expressway, parking lot, and...
Can I get on and off the bus while in a wheelchair? Do you lend it?
You cannot get on a bus while in a wheelchair. We ask you to fold it and put it on. Wheelchairs are available for rent. There are two types, one for assistance type and one for self-propelled assistance. (Reservation required)
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Amber Bus provides high-quality chartered bus service

Attentive service that can be provided by small buses

I think there are various scenes where you use the "bus". Generally, it is often used as a means of transportation when commuting to work or going to school. You will also have the opportunity to see people using chartered buses. There are various uses, such as travel for employee travel and employee training if you are a corporation. Individuals use it for a wide variety of purposes, such as expeditions and training camps for sports circles, and pick-up and drop-off at destinations. Some may have a negative image, such as high prices. However, we propose an appropriate, safe, secure and reasonable plan considering the purpose and purpose, so if you divide by the number of people and calculate it, it is more advantageous than using a rental car, and in some cases it is public It's also possible to keep prices lower than using public transportation. The bus ride is more than a dozen people, so you can have a good time in a private space such as eating sweets and chatting with close friends. When you use the bus, we will prepare the bus service that meets the most necessary conditions while comprehensively checking the purpose, purpose, and request of the customer, so please feel free to tell us.

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There are various scenes that require passenger cars. Route bus, taxi, driving agency, chartered bus. Amber bus jumbo hire is the closest size to a jumbo taxi. However, since the division is a bus, it is possible to ride a lot, and the price is more reasonable than any jumbo taxi in Kanazawa city. It is advantageous to have a quote at the end of each company. In addition, various plans are available, but we will make proposals so that customers' needs can be met by flexible responses that are not limited to the plans alone. If you need to use the bus, we will be happy to contact you via telephone or a special form. Any content can be consulted and we will respond as much as possible. When consulting, we will ask you for the details of your inquiry and provide you with the optimal and appropriate quote based on the information and experience from customers. If you are satisfied with the contents of the estimate, it will be a reservation or application, payment procedure, detailed meetings, and then the day of use will be the flow of use. We will respond to any changes at any time and strive to never burden our customers. A free cargo trailer service is provided, and professional drivers will respond to each customer, so please leave it with confidence. Amber baths are not only highly secure, but can be enjoyed between customers without hesitation. Please feel free to contact us.

This is convenient for charter buses other than large buses and Ishikawa prefecture

Charter bus quotes and reservations are available nationwide.